Licensed Professional Counselor

All You Need Is Love, and...

We all remember the famous Beatles’ song “All You Need Is Love”, right? I’ll bet most folks can at least hum it! The song goes “All You Need Is Love, Love Is All You Need” but most of us really need a bit more! Here are a few.

  • All You Need Is Love and Acceptance
  • All You Need Is Love and Understanding
  • All You Need Is Love and Boundaries
  • All You Need Is Love and Forgiveness
Licensed Professional Counselor

Higher Quality Of Life

We are dedicated to helping families and individuals build strong foundations and achieve higher qualities of life when dealing with conditions of life such as academic underachievement, behavioral issues, chronic impulsivity, codependency, depression, family conflict, internet addiction, life coaching, parenting, self esteem, trauma, PTSD, adoption, career counseling, chronic pain, coping skills, divorce, grief, learning disabilities, obsessive-compulsive (OCD), peer relationships, substance abuse and weight loss. Call our office to learn more.

Licensed Professional Counseling Services

Stressed? Anxious?
Negative thoughts?

Life can be demanding, overwhelming and can even seem cruel. Couples tend to take stress out on each other. You can learn new ways to strengthen your connection and feel more content in your relationship. Our own thoughts determine the way we feel every day not the other way around. You can learn effective ways to stop anxious and/or negative thoughts from directing your life. It is possible to deepen your sense of wellbeing and joy to restore balance in your day to day life and relationships. Call our office to learn more.

Family and Play Therapy

Play Therapy

We specialise in infant, child and adolescent play therapy.

Connect2Counseling Office

Comforable Environment

We have a very comfortable and relaxing office environment.

We all deserve to live, love and be happy. The first call for many is the hardest call to make. Remember communicating with Connect2Counseling is confidential and in many cases considered life altering. Life just gets easier from here!

Not sure if counseling is for you? If you have questions or concerns that may be helped by professional counseling, please don't hesitate to ask. Sally won't suggest counseling if it is not appropriate.

Life is full of issues, difficulties and can even seem cruel at times. There are so many areas of life, where we all can find ourselves struggling. Call our office and share your concerns, if Sally is not the right counselor, she will refer you to the right counselor.